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User Stories

KTM 250 SX 2018

2nd August

Ethans KTM 250 SX 2018 61f1c830f9c4500eb85456fb

Check Ethan’s one of a kind decals designed on Motocal for his KTM motocross bike.

Note great use of logos on the bike, all are available to use on your own decals through Motocal’s vast logo library.

We love the colour combination of Light Blue mixed with the Black to create a stunning, eye-catching effect.

Topping it off, the large race numbers atop white backgrounds really ensures this kit won’t be missed at the track.

Create your kit today with Motocal.


Kawasaki KX250F 2021

6th July

Kawasaki KX250F 2021 61af3df90c4f1d0da2e4ec2e

Awesome black and white custom kit designed by Frtiz on Motocal!

Check the variety of the splatter images which can enhance your design. Search for “splatter” in our graphic library.

While we’ve got thousands of icons ready to use, if we don’t have yours, you can upload the image or icon directly from your device to your decals which is what Fritz has done. Check this short tutorial on how to do this here.

Fritz’s combination of half black and half white makes this a stunning eye-catching kit, get inspired to make your own with Motocal’s design tools


KTM 250 SX-F 2016

1st June

KTM 250 SX F 2016 63ff7666f9c4500c06948cf0 scaled

Wow Artie’s Motocal decals for his KTM bike are looking incredible!

Check out the awesome camoflauge on the fender, shroud and swing arm. Search “camo” in our ever expanding graphic library to use camo in your design.

Artie tops it all off with cool race number plates offset against the camo background to make for a one of a kind custom decal kit.

Simple to do with Motocal’s cutting edge design tools.


Kawasaki KLX110 2011-2012 & KLX110 2002-2003,2006-2007,2009

25th May

KLX110 2011 2012 KLX110 2002 20032006 20072009 64128a40f9c4500eeba99ec9 64128a100c4f1d0e379d60cb scaled

Check this unique custom kit! Mason added a custom twist designing a Honda Themed kit for his Kawasaki plastics for a 100% custom motorsport decal design!

The numbers on Front number plate and Side plates are different colours. Clever use of white single boarder on the Front Number Plate to match the background!

All easy and fun to do on Motocal!


KTM 350 EXC-F 2020-2021

9th May

KTM 350 EXC F 2020 2021 6360c98b0c4f1d10843d6de5

Check this fully custom kit featuring a KTM 350 EXC-F 2020-2021 with a custom graphic kit made exclusively on Motocal. The “Zebra” pattern is available in Motocal’s extensive graphic library and seen here used on multiple positions of this enduro stickers kit. Use Motocal to create your own unique look and stand out from the crowd with full 100% custom decals.


Beta RR 2T 250 2016

6th April

image 50428161 scaled

Coming from Finland, check out Dante’s awesome Beta bike graphics! Looks amazing.


Kawasaki KX250 2004-2006

3rd March

Fritzs Kawasaki KX250 2004 2006

Super sleek motocross graphics from Fritz.


Kawasaki KX450F 2019-2021

1st February

328359548 708479557591046 8291679302741814597 n

Awesome Kawasaki motocross decals sent from Mark in the USA.


Yamaha YZ250 2021 / YZ250F 2019-2021

9th January

IMG 1729 scaled

Cool Yamaha dirtbike graphics from Kobe!


Suzuki DR-Z400S 2020-2021

1st December

BPD DRZs edited

The City of Bethleham Police Department, Pennsylvania used Motocal to kit out their police bikes to excellent effect here. Awesome job, guys.


KTM SX 125 2010

2nd November


Cool set of KTM racing number plates designed by Isiah on Motocal.


KTM 500 EXC-F SIX DAYS 2019-2021

3rd October

IMG 3889 scaled

A stunning KTM enduro motorbike decal set designed and made on exclusively on Motocal.

Start Design

KTM 500 EXC-F 2020-2021

6th September

20220814 091323 scaled

Cool KTM enduro graphics from Jacques in Canada!

Start Design

Husqvarna TC 125 2019-2021

8th August

Justins Husqvarna

Unique Husqvarna design from Justin – the turquoise accents really set this custom decal kit off.


Husqvarna TC 125 2019-2021

6th July

Husqvarna TC 125 2019 2021 scaled

Cool looking Husqvarna decals from Ethan. A really eye-catching combo of colours!


Honda CRF450R 2019

10th June


Awesome custom graphic kit made by Kyle to totally change the look of his CRF450R. Sweet kit and fully custom made on Motocal. Get to a laptop or desktop and grab a brand new look – be inspired!


Husqvarna TC 85 17/14 2018-2021

6th May


Amazing Husqvarna decals from Motocal in the Canadian snow. Motocal decals will withstand any environment from scorching deserts and frozen tundras!


Suzuki RM-Z250 2017-2018

13th April

Maxs Suzuki RM Z250 2017 2018 scaled

Awesome grey base for this Supreme focused Suzuki kit from Max in Germany.


KTM 250 SX 2018

1st April

Ethans KTM 250 SX 2018 61f1c830f9c4500eb85456fb

Incredible Black and Blue KTM from Ethan. Really eye-catching bike!


Honda CRF125R 2019-2020

4th March

USAF Honda

Amazing US Air Force inspired Honda!


Kawasaki KX250F 2009-2012

25th January 2022

Kenars Kawasaki KX250F 2009 2012 scaled

Kenar’s Kawasaki motocross decals designed on Motocal! Kenar said “they came out fire”, we couldn’t agree more Kenar, looking awesome!

Start Your Design

Honda CRF450R US 2021

6th January 2022

Michaels Honda CRF450R US 2021 scaled

Amazing flowery design for this Honda bike!

Start Your Design

Beta Xtrainer 300 2020-2021

14th December 2021

Ferris Beta Xtrainer 300 2020 2021 scaled

A subtle but stunning look for Ferris’ Beta Xtrainer 300 2020-2021. Check the darkened USA flag across the rad shrouds and the bold red framework. This kit just works.

Start Your Design

Kawasaki KLX110L 2014-2019

3rd December 2021

Levi Kawasaki KLX110L 2014 2019

Levi turned to Motocal to turn his Kawasaki KLX110 into a Honda CRF Works Edition and we think the results are awesome!

Start Design

Beta RX 300 2021

25th November 2021

Pacens Beta RX 300 2021 scaled

Stunning Beta decals from Pacen. A totally unique look designed and made exclusively on Motocal!


KTM 125 SX 2019-2021

25th November 2021

Joshs KTM 125 SX 2019 2021 scaled

Amazing design from Josh all the way from Australia. Great scenry for great decals.


KTM 450 EXC 2007

17th November 2021

Marcels KTM 450 EXC 2007 scaled

Lots of great praise from Marcel for his amazing KTM supermoto stickers! Marcel said:

“I just want to show you the result of your decals, the price was very good, the delivery time was just perfect and it looks so dope on my KTM EXC 450 Supermoto. Now my bike looks like of a funny version of a German police bike. Keep on going with your work, your are doing really an awesome job!”


KTM 350 XC-F 2017

17th November 2021

20211111 DOW

Awesome KTM graphics from Reed!

Start Your Design!

Kawasaki KX450F 2019-2021

17th November 2021

20201223 DOY

Bastien was happy with these awesome Kawasaki decals from Motocal! “Thank you, the kit look sick!”


KTM 250 SX-F 2019

4th March 2021

20200628 AM scaled

Amazing design amazing scenery – the KTM MX decals look great here!


Beta RR 2T 300 2020

26th February 2021

20200626 PM

A stunning design sent to us from France – this is one stunning Beta set of decals!

Start Design

Yamaha YZ250F Cycra Powerflow Kit 2014-2017

20th February 2021

20200326 PM

Derek got in touch to let us know about his kit, this is his 5th decal set from Motocal!

“Thanks for being best company around this is my 5th from y’all now”


KTM 300 EXC 2004

13th February 2021

IMG 3146 scaled

A cool-as-ice KTM set of decals designed exclusively on Motocal!


Husqvarna TE 300 2017

29th January 2021

90357339 764488007412642 9074667986675512063 n

A stunning sunset photo of Husky decals sent to us by Pascal!



7th January 2021


Mike got in touch to show off his awesome new restoriation project for his son’s KTM MX bike using graphics made through Motocal: “Thank you very much, a blessing to find this app. Here are better pictures for your page of my sons restored 04 mini adventure using the motocal app.”

Start Design

Husqvarna FC 250 2014

7th January 2021


Check out this amazing Husky with a unique colour scheme featuring uploaded images. See here for instructions on uploading an image to your design.

Start Design

Husqvarna FC 250 2017

2nd January 2021


An incredible design sent to us by Bros. This set of Husqvarna decals looks stunning!

Start Design

Sherco 125 SE-R 2018

16th December


Johan sent this awesome shot of his Sherco graphics and said “Thanks for the graphics it’s looking good”

Start Design

Honda CRF250R US 2007

14th November 2019

76717578 2525613917507766 3287764548458643456 n

B James gave Motocal a 5 star review on Trustpilot in which he showed how thrilled he was with Motocal: “Awesome A++++++ Just like to say thanks. Got my graphics last week and they look awesome on my cr500af definitely the easiest graphics I’ve ever put on. Thanks” These Honda MX graphics look incredible! Well done B James!

See the review on Trustpilot and hundreds of other 5 star reviews here!

Start Design

KTM 85 SX 19/16 2013-2014

12th November 2019

IMG 20191108 071737

James was a happy customer getting his Motocal graphics: “Thanks for the sick graphics”, looks like James really tore it up at the track and his Motocal graphics look great. We only use the finest materials to make your graphics to ensure a long lasting durability and protection against the elements. Click to read more about our materials here.

Start Design

KTM 250 EXC-F 2018-2019

12th November 2019

20191027 090553

Phil sent us this awesome photo of his KTM enduro decals. The Motocal colours go exceptionally well with his plastics. Awesome design, Phil!

Start Design

Husqvarna TC 50 2018-2019

5th November 2019

Husqvarns TC50 scaled

Hugo messaged us to let us know about his Husqvarna decals designed by himself on Motocal: “These are the graphics for the Husqvarna TC50 and super happy.” Awesome design, Hugo. The green looks excellent on this Husky dirtbike!

Start Design

Motorbike Kawasaki KX60 1993 – 1999

17th October 2019

pierson scaled

Aaron sent us a photo of his son’s amazing decals:

“Hey guys, here’s a pic of my son’s bike. It’s a 2001 kx60 that we rebuilt as a father son project. My 8 year old wanted some retro decals that’s were similar to his grandpas Hillclimb bike.

He was super excited how they turned out!

Great company, keep up the good work.”

We love to hear these great stories and we’re delighted Motocal played a great part in your project!

Start Design

Motorbike Suzuki RM-Z450 2013

17th September 2019


Peter is a happy customer after sorting out his Suzuki motocross decals with Motocal: “Very happy with my new graphics.” Great colour choices, Peter!

Start Design

Motorbike Kawasaki KDX200 1995-2006

19th September 2019

69645206 458902254710891 70635844242432327618 n

Jon was complimentary of Motocal’s Kawasaki mortbike decals: “Love the graphics. You guys did an awesome job. Thanks.”

Start Design

Motorbike Husqvarna 701 Enduro 2016

September 13th 2019

Samu sent us this great photo. A stunning black and white design for these Husqvarna enduro stickers.

Start Design

KTM 450 EXC 2017

13th September


A stunning design for this KTM enduro decal kit from Aemsel!

Start Design

KTM 250 SX 2019

August 21st 2019


5 stars from Martin for his amazing KTM 250 decals: “⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ VERY BEST PRODUCT!!! QUALITY NUMBER ONE, I REALLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT. I ❤️ IT !!!”

See Martin’s review and hundreds more on Motocal’s Trustpilot page. 

Start Design

Husqvarna FC 250 2018

August 21st 2019


A thoroughly impressive all-white Husky from Robert!

Start Design

Yamaha WR125X 2008, 2014-2015

August 21st 2019


Sebastian gave us the thumbs up when sending us photos of his Yamaha WR decals behind a scenic backdrop. Awesome job, Sebastian!

Start Design

Yamaha TT-R50E 2006-2009,2011-2012,2015-2017

August 13th 2019


Casey let us know of his delight for his USA-inspired Yamaha bike decals: “they turned out sick!”

Start Design

Honda XR400R 1996-1999

August 2nd 2019


A stunning eye-catching design for PJ’s Honda stickers and he’s looking forward to more:  “thx again cant wait to make another set”

Start Design

KTM 85 SX 17/14 2017

August 1st 2019


Holly let us know about Jake’s bike: “Bike transformed, Jake loves it!” Great design, Jake!

Start Design

KTM 250 SX-F 2019

July 24th 2019


Janessa sent us this awesome Wonder Woman-inspired design: “Thanks for helping me channel my inner Wonder Woman! I’m really happy with how the decals turned out!”

Start Design

KTM 250 SX-F 2008

July 19th 2019


A stunning blue, white and orange combination for these KTM motorbike decals sent to us by Samuel!

Start Design

Honda CRF250R AUS & EU 2014-2017

July 17th 2019


Henning got in touch about his MX decals: “Hi! I’m so stoked how my graphics turned out, can’t thank you guys enough!”

Start Design

Kawasaki KX250 1997-1998

July 17th 2019

black on blue sky

Brandon let us know of his thanks for his awesome Kawaski dirt bike graphics: “Finally got my graphics on the look so clean! I love them!”

Start Design

KTM 530 EXC 2009-2010

July 10th 2019

65636068 2336642679910736 9217101878523854848 n

An astonishing number of awesome logos on Sascha’s KTM enduro bike!

Start Design

Yamaha YZ250FX 2015-2017

June 28th 2019

blake scaled

Blake sent us a photo of this amazing eye catching design, great job Blake!

Start Design

Yamaha WR250F 2016-2017

June 28th 2019


What a great design from Andreas for his Yamaha. He had this to say about Motocal: “Thank you for a great web application and service!”

Start Design

KTM 250 EXC-F Six Days 2017

June 28th 2019

20190615 scaled

David got in touch to show us his finished work from Motocal: “Final result of the bike with the all black plastics and the custom made decals!” Awesome design, David!

Start Design

Yamaha YZ450FX 2019

May 31st 2019

1colton scaled

Colton got in touch to let us know how pleased he was with his designs: “Bike is lookin CLEAN!! After putting on the new motocal graphics!!”

Start Design

Husqvarna TC 125 2015

May 23rd 2019

IMG 20190518 135306 005

Jono was thrilled with his new graphics: “Just recently got my new decals absolutely loving then thanks. Looks brilliant.”

Start Design

KTM 350 EXC-F 2018-2019

May 17th 2019

jrg scaled

JRG contacted us to thank us for his Motocal custom bike graphics:  “easiest set of graphics i ever installed fitment was perfect thanks for your help”

Start Design

KTM 660 SMC 2003-2004

17th May 2019

20190515 scaled

An eye catching splatter design sent in to us by Valeri!

Start Design

Honda CBR1000RR 2007

May 16th 2019

davorin scaled

Awesome design from Davorin. This CBR1000RR looks ready to tear it up around the track!

Start Design

Kawasaki KLX140L 2014

May 15th 2019

paul scaled

Paul got in touch showing us graphics designed by his son. “Stickers look great. Designed by my son. He’s 12. We had great fun designing them. Here are photos of the finished product. Thanks again for all of your help.”

Start Design

Suzuki DR-Z400SM 2006-2007

April 12th 2019

LRM scaled

Awesome design from Smurf to match Suzuki graphics to their apparel.

Start Design

Yamaha YZ450F 2008

April 12th 2019


Check out Josh’s amazing and unique Cookie Monster custom decal design!

Start Design

KTM 85 SX 19/16 2018

April 8th 2019

KTM Stian Hoel Fossen Photography 3

Thomas recommends Motocal: “Motocals design system is super easy to use. The decals have good quality and good fit.”

Start Design

Kawasaki KX100 2016-2019

April 2nd 2019

IMG 2501 scaled

Cole contacted Motocal to pass on his thanks: “the stickers looks amazing. thank you”

Start Design

Husqvarna TC 85 19/16 2018

March 26th 2019

jack scaled

Jackie’s design is looking excellent with the bright red on black backgrounds!

Start Design

KTM 690 SMC-R 2015-2018

March 15th 2019

53732620 306482346679680 4017380845240188928 n

Martin got in touch to let us know he liked his unique Motocal graphics kit: “awesome motocal decal”.

Start Design

KTM 300 XC 2017

March 14th 2019


Steve sent us this snowy scene featuring some Motocal stickers: “Love the decals guys cheers”

Start Design

KTM 500 EXC-F 2017

March 8th 2019

IMG 5322

Chris received awesome decals quickly: “I received my graphics on time as promised and installed them tonight before my desert trip tomorrow!
They look Amazing! Thank you for a great job and getting them to me on time!!”

Start Design

KTM 250 SX-F 250 2019

February 28th 2019

cal scaled


Caleb, a repeat customer of Motocal, was happy with his graphics: “Motocal is a mean as graphic design site/factory i used it in two bikes and both the results were perfect”

Start Design

Husqvarna FE 450 2017

25th February 2019


Shane was pleased with his graphics from Motocal: “Overall for the price fit and finish Id say they look pretty good! This is my third time using your company and you always come through with great service and fast shipping.”

Start Design

Husqvarna FE450 2017

18th February 2019


Daren was happy with his decals: “Bike looks awesome with the new graphics!”

Start Design

KTM 150 XC-W 2018

7th February 2019


Tom was impressed with Motocal for his KTM enduro graphics: “Thanks for your great service and quality graphics. Here is a few photos of them fitted to my bike!”

Start Design

Honda CRF150R 2007-2019

5th February 2019

20190201 scaled

Danny was happy with his awesome Motocal graphics “good graphics”.

Start Design

PitPro 125cc RR (Black) 2012-2014

1st February 2019

IMG 01281 scaled

Reagan was thrilled to get these Motocal graphics: “Graphics arrived in perfect condition and they look killa. im so happy with the results.”

Start Design

Husqvarna TC85 19/16 2017

31st January 2019

TC 85 19 16 2017 scaled

Amazing design using the Husqvarna stock blue colours to combine with some awesome white Motocal graphics.

Start Design

KTM 150 SX 2019

22nd January 2019


Andrew was very happy with his awesome graphics: “Hi there just got these graphics of u guys and they are mint”.

Start Design

KTM 125 SX 2019

18th January 2019


Amazing colours on this bike with bold Seven MX logo across the shroud.

Start Design

KTM 300 XC-W Six Days 2013-2014


Brian left this review of Motocal on Trustpilot:

“Overall….I am extremely impressed.
The program that MOTOCAL uses to enable the customer to customize and create is excellent ! Shipping was quick and pricing is very reasonable compared to the other Decal Manufacture’s in the US. Will certainly be buying more kits from Motocal !!!! Cheers Brian”

Start Design

Yamaha YZ450F 2014-2017


Really nice looking Yamaha with some great logos and clean number plates.

Start your design:

Honda CRF250R AUS & EU 2004-2005

20181214Awesome decals, design will look amazing at the track.

Start Design

Suzuki RM-Z450

lukemonson 1

“Thanks heaps Motocal my bike came up awesome”

Brendan 1

Polaris Race Sled

“Thanks a ton for the service with the wrap! Came out super sick on my IQR 685!”

tyler 1

KTM 300 XC

“They came out awesome, Thanks Motocal!”

Bearded Yeti

“Hey Motocal! Super stoked with how the decals came out, such an easy process followed by easy application, plus they came out better then I imagined! Cheers again!!”

jakeeatkinss 1

Polaris 800 PRO-RMK

“Thanks for the wrap Motocal!”

super811 1 scaled

Polaris 800 PRO-RMK 163 – Tryten, Canada

Tyrten 1

Suzuki RM-Z250 – Thomas, New Zealand

“Sick new graphics kit, great quality, easy to put on”


Suzuki RM85L – Ella, New Zealand


Steve, United States

“Motocal Graphics on the line in Baltimore. Here’s one of the bikes we had done by Motocal for the Arenacross series. Thanks for getting it to us on such short notice. ”

Yamaha YZ250F

Suzuki DR-Z400S (Black) – Calvin, United States

“Awesome. Thank You.”

Suzuki DR Z400S Black 2009 2014

Can-Am Renegade 500 Decals – Wesley, Canada

“Excellent Graphics”

quad can am renegade 500 1311 821

Polaris 600 IQ Race Sled – Samuel, Canada

“Hey guys finally done after a lot of work it’s my first race this weekend it’s my photoshot for my poster to!”

2010 Polaris 600

Suzuki DR-Z400E – Pilchy, Australia

“I have spent hours and hours searching the web for some custom graphics that caught my eye to no avail.  only wishing I had experience on adobe illustrator to create my own. The amount of excitement I felt when I found this little gem of website that my hopes of some custom graphics that I will actually really like came true. with an interface so easy to use. the only thing I had trouble with was my own creativity. I cannot thank Motocal enough for what they have created! truly one of a kind, very cost effective, high quality good prints! Will definitely be coming back without any hesitation when I need a new set of custom graphics!”


Vatala, Australia

Motorbike Honda CRF250R 2010 2013 1

Luke, Australia

“Hey mate. Yeah its good easy to work. I give it 10/10. And very fast delivery to Australia too ”

12028961 877763658974891 200302838 n 1 copy

Arctic Cat Sno Pro 500 – Jackson Murray, United States

“My wrap from motocal came out beyond amazing”

1014474 1494867040820499 8090317907160946765 n

Keith, United States

“Loving the new graphics! TRX 450r! & I liked the website and the ability for me to be able to design the graphics the way that I wanted them to be made with my own sponsors and colors and what not. It did take a little bit to get the hang of it and how to move stuff around, change colors and size and what not. But overall I liked the website. If there would be one thing that I wish I could change would be the design of the decals and have different types of designs for backgrounds and stuff like that instead of the standard black and red that comes on the TRX450r graphics. I feel as if there would be different designs and templates it would be a lot more to my liking.”

Honda TRX450R





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