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Motocal has over 40 years of print and design experience.  We don't take risks with untested materials.  Each of our materials goes through extreme tests before we consider using them for our customers. We know what you expect from them and what they have to endure.  We only offer suitable materials so you can't go wrong.  It only comes down to your preferences whether you prefer Thick, Medium or Thin decals.  

Motocal's Material - By Name and Characteristics:


Summary of Materials

Motocal MX Thick - This is a thick durable decal designed specifically for extreme motorsports vehicles.

Motocal MX Medium - This is a thin durable decal designed specifically for extreme motorsports vehicles. It can take less abuse than it's thicker counterpart but still offers incredible durability.

Motocal Thin - This is a very thin vehicle graphic that's perfect for those complex curves you'll find on road bikes, jet skis, and snowmobiles.  This will leave you with stunning graphics and really enhance your vehicle.

Material Thickness

Motocal MX Thick = 533microns = 0.533mm = 20.98mils

Motocal MX Medium = 395microns = 0.395mm = 15.55mils

Motocal Thin = 160microns = 0.160mm = 6.30mils

Characteristics Explained

Within the Thick, Medium & Thin options, Motocal has 6 important materials criteria for our decals. These 6 characteristics are:

  1. Durability – The amount of abuse a decal can take from e.g. flying stones, hitting trees, other vehicles, etc.
  2. Fitting Ease – How easy it is to fit the graphics to your kart or bike.
  3. Life Span – How often they will need replacing.
  4. Removability – Level of ease to remove from your vehicle.
  5. Thickness – Level of decal thickness to protect your kart, quad, atv, sled, ski, bike or car in extreme environments.
  6. UV Protection – Level of UV protection decals offers.  This keeps your graphics looking vibrant race after race.

Characteristics Rating

We rate our characteristics on a 0 to 5 scale.

For example, Motocal MX Thick has a thickness rating of 5, indicating maximum thickness and Motocal MX Thin has a durability rating of 2 out of 5, indicating that it will take some abuse e.g. stones, mud, etc.

Motocal: How to change Materials in your design

To the top right of the screen, you will see a button for "Materials".  Selecting this will allow you to choose from the available materials for your vehicle type.

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