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2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

Ryan’s Story: Father-Son Design Journey

Ryan’s Story: Father-Son Design Journey

Designing Together

At Motocal, we’re a tight-knit family both on and off the MX track. We’ve had years of experience in all areas necessary to create a world-class ground breaking motorsport graphics design app: software development, printing experience, research, and most importantly, coming together to figure out new means and approaches that we can use to make Motocal the world’s first and foremost premier motorsport decal design application. The years working together have made us a rock solid team and our team work is reflected in some of the fantastic reviews we’ve been seeing on our Trustpilot page:  So when Ryan sent in this lovely testimonial about how he and his son built their custom motocross graphic design together, we were delighted to be a part of this happy moment for the duo:

My little lad loves his new stickers we made together on motocal

Check out the father and son’s awesome job together making these motocross stickers. Great job Ryan, the blue and orange combo is a classic design and the sponsor logos really set add to the MX decals nicely.



Build Before You Design Your Custom Graphics

The first step Ryan and his son went through was finding and building their kit in the Interview stage of Motocal. Here you and your son or daughter, niece or nephew choose your motorsport manufacturer. We have lots on offer including but not limited to Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, Husqvarna and so much more! Next select the model. We have an enormous amount of these including TC 50, CRF50F, JR50, PW 50 and KTM fans will find a plethora of 50cc motorbikes on offer, including the 50 Mini SX, which Ryan has chosen here. Next, chose your year, we have a lot on offer including 2019 templates. You see more here on these exciting new stickers here. Select your regulations and then tell us a little about your son or daughter including their name, nationality and race number. It looks like Ryan went for the United Kingdom national flag and the race number 004 along with Ryan’s son’s nickname, “Lil Riggy”. How cool is this bike going to be! Next click “Build” and you’re one step closer to designing your dream set of custom MX decals!

ryan side plate

Colours That Pop

Look at the awesome colour combinations Ryan and his son have chosen for thier 50cc motocross bike. Some classic KTM Orange for the motocross bike with a deep yet bright blue to bring some contrast to the orange. The choice of black numbers on the numberplates against a background of orange, black and blue is a real pro style look in the MX world. Some excellent colour choices there. Ryan and his son were spoiled for choice on their design, at Motocal, we offer a range of colours for your design from bright yellows to dark greys and manufacturer colours such as Kawasaki Green and KTM Orange. We only print on the best materials so you colours can really pop. Check out more on our colours here.

Designing Your Motorsport Graphics Is Fun!

While delivering superb motorsport stickers for your motocross or enduro bike is the name of our game, a big focus of Motocal is that you should be having fun when designing your graphics together with your friends and family. How exciting must have this been for Ryan and his son? To see your name or nick name, official racenumber and favourite sponsor logos up on the screen on KTM templates? The sponsor logos actually caused a fight among the motocross father and son when they were designing their decals! The huge choice of thousands of brand logos on offer led to some heated debates about what sponsor logos to choose from. In the end we can see that “Lil Riggy” won the fight. Check out his awesome sponsor logos: 100%, Airoh Helmets, Fox, Adidas, Renthal and FMF are all widely represented. We have thousands more logos in our database for you to choose from. We think Dad will have to return another day and design another kit with his own favourite logos! “Lil Riggy” looks to have opted for some spikes and wire mesh styles on the side plates to complete an awesome looking 100% custom motorsport graphics set. Even though there was an argument, we bet they really had a great time deciding on what sponsor logos to pick and choose from!

ryan selector

Making It Easy

We’ve made Motocal as user friendly as possible for the likes of Ryan and his son. Large, self-describing buttons such as flip, zoom, grid, scale, layers are available on our app editor ensuring you have all the tools you need to ensure your Suzuki or Husqvarna decals are race ready. It looks like this father and son duo put Motocal’s design tools to good use as this is one amazing decal design! Our app works perfectly on iPads and other tablets enabling you and your kids to design together and swap the device back and forth so your stickers are 100% ready to race. When you’re finished with your custom graphics kit, you’ll get our complimentary Motocal Design Check service, available free with every Motocal order. See more about this.

Ride Together 

Once your custom graphics arrive and it’s fitting time (check out some information on this here), we can imagine the great fun Ryan and his boy had as they covered their standard factory KTM’s plastics in brand new 100% custom decals. Every part of the design you make is unique and we print exactly what you order, ensuring your motocross or enduro stickers are 100% customisable and one of a kind. We make our decals easy to install so Ryan and his son would have had no problems getting out there together and ripping it up for hours in their bikes clad with Motocal graphics!

We’re delighted to hear that Ryan and his son had a great time on Motocal, we really appreciate the lovely feedback from the father and son. Hearing these great stories makes all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes at Motocal, extremely worthwhile.

Motocal Offers 

If you and your family are ordering some custom sticker kits, why not stick around and get some free decals? Check it out. 5 free mini decals with each graphic order. Ordering a Honda kit? Why not get some mini decals in the shape of a Honda plate? Getting a Husqvarna enduro template? Check out our Husky mini decals on offer. We think these would look great on your helmet, computer, school books or whatever interesting place you can think of!

Regarding awesome materials for your vehicle, order within the next 24 hours on Thin or Medium material and we will upgrade your material to Thick material for free! That’s right, order soon and you will get upgraded to our most premium material for free. It’s the tickest and most durable material we have. You can read up on our materials here.

As part of every order you make with Motocal, we like to add in some complimentary stickers with your order. These are small rectangular stickers with Motocal printed on them. Stick them to your bike, laptop, phone or where ever you like to represent Motocal!

Rave Reviews on Trustpilot

Motocal’s review page on Trustpilot, the independent customer review website, has been extremely busy lately with lots of 5 star reviews left by happy customers. The reviews have been truly fantastic, seeing them really makes us happy and proud that our hard work paying off. See more on Motocal’s Trustpilot page.

So, tell us your stories about designing together with your son, daughter, nephew, neice or friend on Motocal – the absolute best place to get your custom motorsport decals and wraps anywhere. Trust us with our years of experience in software development and printing to get your amazing custom made decals to your doorstep.

We’re available at info@motocal.com for any queries you have about your order. When you’ve received you and your family’s graphics, be sure to send us a picture of all your motorsport stickers fitted! We love to see our Motocal family’s decals.

Happy designing,

Mike & the Motocal Team



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