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2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

Custom Mini Decals – Offered Free with Full Graphics Kits

Custom Mini Decals – Offered Free with Full Graphics Kits

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Free Mini Decals

At Motocal, the world’s only 100% fully customisable design app for your motorsport graphics, we have an amazing amount of graphics on offer. From dirt bike graphics to sled wraps, motorbike race numbers to quad bike designs, we are proud to say, there’s something for everyone using our custom motorsport decals designer tool. Still, creation never stops so we have decided to unleash new, cool stickers for you: mini decals.

These are seriously mini, they average out at approx 50mm x 50mm. Just because they are small doesn’t limit the custom potential of each. We have 4 themes available for every shape. If that doesn’t rev your engine, design your free decal with whatever you want, with Motocal, the world’s only 100% custom motorsport graphic designer, the design possibilities are truly endless!

If you find your creative juices aren’t flowing to design your free graphic, you can select from a number of themes. These are ready made free designs that can be applied at the click of a button. We have a handful of customised themes per mini decal manufacturer. Want a cool Yamaha design? We have it. Prefer a bright design for a Suzuki decal? We got it. Always remember, when you choose a theme, the custom design doesn’t stop there. You can change the color, add logos or customize the graphic in any way you see fit. Surprise us with what you got.

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What to do with these mini decals? Anything you want. Stick them on your KTM enduro or Husqvarna dirt bike. Put them on your Kawasaki plates, Suzuki shrouds, or on your Honda motocross fenders. We’ve seen these 100% customisable mini decals crop up everywhere from motorbike stands, on trucks, quads, cars and karts, even on laptop cases, phones and in the workplaces of our Motocal fans!

What’s the best thing about these mini decals? Well, apart from the fact the stickers are 100% custom made motorsport graphics? They’re free. We understand that the motorsport life can be expensive so we always want to throw in something free for you guys when we can. To get these decals, it’s simple. Order a full Motocal graphics kit. Then go back and design your free decals to your heart’s creativity. Check out, enter your delivery details, up the quantity to five and once you’ve applied your discount code, click that “place order” button and we will take care of your amazing designs. As always, shipping is free, and what’s better, we will send your mini decals in the same package as your custom made decal kit so you get one package chock-full of custom stickers.

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Want to learn more? Check out our page on Mini Decals here

Happy designing of your free mini decals. The creation possibilities of your stickers are endless. You design. Leave us to print and ship. With dozens of years experience in the motorsports industry and decades in the print industry, your precious custom graphic designs are safe in our hands. Check out our Trustpilot page for excellent reviews of Motocal. When you’re finished designing and get your mini decals delivered, send a photo of them to us at the team here always love to see your designs and where the free stickers will pop up next!

Thanks from all at Motocal – home of the web’s only 100% custom graphics for Motorsports tool.

Mike and the Team.






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