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2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

Motocal’s Perfect Logo Service – Ensuring Motorsport Decal Perfection

Motocal’s Perfect Logo Service – Ensuring Motorsport Decal Perfection

Perfect Logo Service On Your Motorsport Decals

At Motocal, we are design experts and we care deeply about how your design looks when it’s fitted onto your motorbike, qad, kart, or snowmobile. As part of our complimentary Design Check service our advanced Motocal software checks a large amount of design aspects of the decals to ensure your MX graphics are race ready but a particularly important part of our check is the Perfect Logo Service we provide.

The Perfect Logo Service is where we take an uploaded image of poor quality and using our Motocal software the image is made 100% perfect for printing on your motorbike decals. Instead of allowing a low quality image to be printed on your enduro decals or dirt bike stickers, Motocal’s software ensures that your logo is adjusted, altered and improved so that when printed it looks perfect. We never change the logo’s parts or composition, the software you design your stickers on merely sharpens up your logo to perfection so your MX decals will look flawless.

Perfect Process for Perfect Logos On Your MX Decals


Here’s how the process goes:

  • When you click “Place Order” on your motorbike graphics and confirm your details, your order is processed by our superior Motocal software. This is a serious piece of sophisticated technology. This cutting edge technology will detect logos that have a poor / low image quality, are pixelated or contain a background.
  • The software diligently edits the logo to increase the quality of the logo on your motorbike templates to perfection.
  • Once the logo is edited and made perfect, the software ensures the logo is an exact match to the logo on the graphics kit.
  • Next, the perfect logo is now put back into the motorbike decal in the exact same place as it was ordered. Our cutting edge software never changes the logo’s properties or placement – your logo stays where it was and your design gets better immediately.
  • Once the perfect logo is on the motorsport graphics, our software immediately prints your motorbike or motorsports wrap.

Our years of experience in developing significantly advanced software has created a Perfect Logo Service so advanced you won’t believe your eyes when you see your motorsport graphics!

Perfect Logo Service In Action for Your MX Decals

Check out the below example which has uploaded images in it. As we did not have these logos in our database, this customer decided to upload their logos to their motorbike decals kit (see more on this function here). The logos, while look good on screen would not print with the desired results on the custom decals. The Fasthouse logo was added to the motorbike template design and is of poor quality, it was pixelated and grainy upon close inspection. Once the order was placed, our software kicked in and analysed the uploaded logos on the stickers.

The logos on the custom sticker kit were automatically edited and ensured they remained the same but were suitable for printing. The results for this 100% customised decals are superb:

fasthouse before

fasthouse after

In another case the below logo was added to an enduro decal kit. It is of poor quality. The colours are dull and faded, while the text isn’t as sharp as it could be, the overall image quality is poor.

one up before

Once the decals order was made, the Motocal software immediately turned this logo of poor standard into a perfect logo. It sharpened the font and improved the colour significantly. Overall the image was rendered to a perfect quality printing for printing on the enduro decals.

one up after

Order Now – Get Your Perfect Logo

Remember, while our software has seriously magical capabilites and cutting edge techology behind it there are some restrictions. It cannot handle large sized PDF or SVG format graphics as there is a certain amount of design space available on your MX stickers and enduro decals.  We are constantly working on improving our Perfect Logo Service but right now, for optimal results, uploading an image in PNG, JPEG and GIF format with a minimum file size of 30KB and maximum of 500KB, will result in a perfect logo for your bike stickers.

Remember, we only carry out our complimentary, hi-tech Perfect Logo Service on custom decal orders purchased. We do not do this before the order is made as we want to ensure your graphics are 100% your creations. Order your decals today to ensure your MX templates and enduro bike stickers have a professional look stick out from the crowd. Our incredible software does a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure your custom decals are perfect on your motorbike, snowmobile, quad or kart. This has led to a lot of happy customers reviewing Motocal on Trustpilot with 5 stars! Don’t forget your mini decals! These are free! Check them out here and don’t worry, any uploaded to your mini decals will be made perfect too.

So get your order made today and get your uploaded logo perfected. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at, we’ll be happy to answer your queries about our Perfect Logo Service.

Happy designing,

Mike & the Team





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