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Massive Black Friday Sale 25% Off - Ends 30th code: BlackFriday25

Massive Black Friday Sale 25% Off - Ends 30th - code: BlackFriday25

Free Mini Decals

Free Mini Decals

How to get your free Mini Decals.

Step 1:

Order your main decals (These are the full size ones going on your ride)

Step 2:

Go to and Click “Start Your Design”

Step 3:

Select “Mini” for the motor Sport

Step 4:

Make your design (just like you did with your full-size decals)

Step 5:

Increase your quantity to “5” and you can then order 5 mini decals and use discount code: ewu2bh7rs to purchase them with 99% off! Expires: Midnight 29th September 2023

We then Add them to your regular decal order and they will all arrive together!

Terms and Conditions

1: Your Mini Decal order must be placed within 24 hours of your main decal order, if placed outside of this we cannot send your mini decals.

2: Discount codes have a 48 hour expiry so you must use them before they expire.

3: Mini decals can only be supplied when ordered with your main decal order as per the conditions above, both mini decal order and main order must use the same email address.

4: Your Mini Decals must be going to the same postal address as your full size decal order, if not they will not be sent.

5: Please Note: Only one order of 5 mini decals allowed per main decal order.


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