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2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

New Matte Material Now Available

New Matte Material Now Available

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At Motocal, the home of 100% fully custom motorsport graphics we are constantly looking to develop and create new material options for your stickers and decals. We have spent a long time testing our materials in a variety of conditions from freezing snow to baking hot deserts, so you know you’re getting a premium quality material. Our material up until now came in just “Gloss”, this is a gorgeous bright, glossy style finish however we have some exciting news. We’re delighted to now offer a brand new matte finish for your graphics.

matte or gloss
Motocal’s glossy finish is hugely popular. It’s a bright, flashy style coating your custom decals. However at Motocal we want to give you a choice when choosing the best finish for your graphics so we’ve introduced a matte finish: this is more dull and flat in appearance. It’s not as shiny in appearance as a glossy finish, it’s an incredible looking finish. We can’t wait to see what you think of this brand new material.

Matte MX Graphics – Stand Out From The Crowd

Stand out from the crowd with Motocal’s brand new matte finish. Matte is duller than the Gloss material but it works spectacularly well with black, grey and other darker colours. These colours receive an extra bit of vibrancy in the finish thanks to the matte material.

We also like Matte material as it’s something unique and different. When your Motocal graphics for your enduro and motoccorss bikes are 100% custom decals and already incredibly personal, different and exclusive, why not choose a different material?

The option of choice in your MX stickers is always a positive one, when you’ve finished your season on Matte material decals, you can always come back for next year’s motocross or enduro graphics on Gloss at the click of a button.

Selecting Matte For Your Motocross Decals

Selecting a matte finish for your decals is simple. Just follow these steps.

Once you’re finished your custom design for your motocross and enduro bike, just click the “Materials” button.

Material Choice 1

Next, select your type of material: either MX Thick Matte or MX Medium Matte:

Material Choice 3

Material Choice 4

Click “More Details” to learn more about our fantastic decal material quality on our Materials page.

Once you’ve selected just click “Checkout” and you’re one more step from getting your custom Matte stickers!

Will you order matte graphics? Have you ordered? Get in touch to let us know what you think. We always welcome photos of your awesome custom bike graphics. Don’t forget when you’re getting your matte decals, we offer free mini decals that you design yourself. Check out our website on this here. You can read more about our stunning materials here, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at how your custom stickers and motorbike graphics are made

We’re here to help at Motocal. Feel free to get in touch with us by email

Thanks and enjoy your new material option!

Mike & The Team


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