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2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

Motocal’s Design Week

Motocal’s Design Week

Motocal’s Design Week – Limitless Design Potential For Custom Graphics

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Offering motorsport enthusiasts exceptional, creative and unique custom designs is the beating heart of what we do at Motocal. As long time motorbike riders and software design experts, we have created a design tool at Motocal that offers you truly 100% customisable decals for your motorsport vehicles. Want your racenumbers with your name and sponsorship logos overlaid on your favourite colors or cool backgrounds? No problem, creatively, anything is possible at Motocal to ensure your bike decals stick out from the crowd and turn heads at the track.

Design Week is one of our favourite times at Motocal and as you read on, we’ve collected some interesting statistics, design tips n’ tricks and resources to get ultimate inspiration to create truly unique motorsport decals for your MX bike, enduro machine, quad, kart or snowmobile.

Design Week – Statistic Crunching For Motocal Motorsport Decals  

To celebrate design week at Motocal, we want to share some exclusive never-before-seen design statistics with you:

  • 112 years of design time! In just a couple of years, our customers have racked up over an astonishing century of designing time perfecting their motorbike decals, quad stickers, kart graphics, snowmobile graphics and more at Motocal. This custom decal creation time is a mind blowing number! See for yourself what you can design at Motocal!
  • 450,000 decals produced! That’s a LOT of stickers! In a short space of time, half a million custom decals were printed. Each of these designs are all totally unique featuring different sponsor logos, race numbers, and custom designs. These designs are featured on massively popular brands such as Honda, KTM, Kawasaki and Suzuki manufacturers as well as dozens of other brands available on Motocal including Husqvarna, Polaris, and Arctic Cat! See your designs come to life on Motocal!
  • 70 countries shipped to! Motocal is truly global, so far we have shipped motorsport stickers to 70 countries around the globe and this number is counting! We’ve sent custom motorbike decals and quad bike stickers from America to Zambia, from Australia to Canada and everywhere in between. All of our shipping is free once you exceed our minimum order charges and we also offer an express 5 day business service too! All taxes, durties and custom charges are included in the price you pay on screen for your custom decals. You can find out more about our shipping here

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What Do These Numbers Mean For Your Custom Decals? 

Well, first and foremost, Motocal is the proven place to come to for your awesome motocross stickers and enduro custom graphics. We have a huge collection of stock available for you to get your custom decals from, ranging from the 1970s and ‘80s all the way up to our brand new 2019 motocross graphics and enduro templates. To ensure your custom bike graphics look good and last long on the track, we use only the finest materials and colours. We offer an exclusive Perfect Logo Service with every 100% customisable graphics order made, this ensures your personal sponsor or business logo is rendered perfect for printing thanks to our cutting edge software tech. See more on this amazing feature here.

Secondly it tells you we are trusted, safe and reliable. See our wonderful 5 star reviews at Trustpilot to learn more about the success stories creating motorsport graphics on Motocal. You are in safe hands with Motocal. We are constantly on standby at should you need any assistance designing or making your custom sticker order.

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Tips N’ Tricks – Get The Most Out Of Your Custom Motorbike Graphics

At Motocal, we have made a lot of cool tips and tricks available to you to ensure you get the absolute best design for your MX decals or enduro stickers whether you are ordering just racenumbers or MX plates, we want you to have features to get the best out of your customisable stickers.


For your name, race number, sponsor or business logo, you can scale it in size, rotate or make a copy of the feature. See how all of our amazing buttons work here. These explainers will ensure your Yamaha graphics and Husqvarna decals are spot on!

Using our simple Layering function means you can get organised and professional looking Suzuki graphics or KTM stickers in minutes.

Our new Undo/Redo feature is receiving a lot of acclaim. This really cool feature allows you to undo a mistake made or redo a design change at the click of a button! See it for yourself here.

Fearful you’ve made a mistake when ordering your Honda graphics or Kawasaki decals? No worries, here’s another tip for you, for every order you’ve made we offer a free Design Check! We check for and correct any obvious errors such as fixing misalignments, ensuring opposite sides match and we also ensure your uploaded logos print perfectly

We have a plethora of design videos available on our YouTube channel also to give you an insight in how to create one-in-a-million MX decals! See them all here on our YouTube Channel.

Need Inspiration For Your Custom MX Graphics?


Are you suffering from a lack of creativity when designing your motorbike decals or quad graphics? No worries, we have lots of resources to offer some inspiration for designs on your MX decals. Our Facebook page posts daily pictures of our Motocal designs created by our satisfied users. Similarly our Instagram showcases some exceptional custom MX graphics and Enduro decals. See for yourself on Instagram. Only the best are chosen to appear on our social media pages so you’re truly guaranteed to get some awesome creative flair for your custom decals from checking out other customer’s amazing motorsport graphics.


If our social media posts haven’t whetted your appetite, we offer lots more inspiration for your custom graphics on our website. Check out our User Stories to see photographs sent in by our customers as well as testimonials about how happy they are to receive awesome custom motorbike graphics.

Happy Design Week – Get Creating Your Custom Decals 

From all at Motocal, have a great Design Week. If you haven’t, be sure to check out all the above links, each of them will contain information that will truly enhance your motorsport graphics design potential. If you need any help, check out our help page or contact Mike who will be on standby to help you get your custom decals the way you want them.

Have a great week and get designing on Motocal!

Mike & the Team






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