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2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

Motocal Shared Design Competition

Motocal Shared Design Competition


Motocal Design Awards.

Learn how you can win free custom graphics. We’re awarding free graphics & discounts off your next order for creative and original designs.

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Logo and advert 3

What are the Motocal Shared Design Awards

Motocal will review all of the designs that have been shared via the Motocal ‘Share to Facebook’ button. Motocal will award prizes to the best designs based on:

  • Overall creativity, Originality & uniqueness, Novel use of patterns, styles & logos, Use of Motocal features, Best use of uploaded graphics, Best overall design & Re-creation of Motocal’s Designs

Why should I enter?

Creating designs on Motocal is a fun experience. If you have created awesome design, you can easily share it to your friends to show them what you have created. Your friends can like and comment on design on your timeline.

It is so simple. All you need to do is…

  1. Design 2. Save 3. Share

How Do I Enter?

it’s simple with just a few clicks! Watch here…



1st – Kawasaki KX250F Graphics – Created by Landry – Canada 13

w18w19 shared design winners 1

2nd – Suzuki RM-Z250 Graphics – Created by Dollop – New Zealand 280

w18w19 shared design winners 2

Runner Up – Yamaha YZ450F (Blue) Graphics – Created by Nicholas – United Kingdom 251

w18w19 shared design winners 5



1st – Kawasaki KX450F Graphics – Created by Quam – United States 225
1 Shared Design Winner w1617
RunnerUp – Kawasaki KX80 Graphics – Created by Deryck – United States 43
runner 2 Shared Design Winner w1617
RunnerUp – Yamaha Raptor 660R (Black) Graphics – Created by Kalyn – United States 810
runner Shared Design Winner w1617
RunnerUp – Suzuki RM-Z250 Graphics – Created by Loggan – United States 727

runner 3Shared Design Winner w1617



start april shared design winners

1st – Yamaha YZ250F (Blue) Graphics – Created by Rancourt – Canada – Number Plate 71
2nd – Honda CRF450R US Graphics – Created by jarnagin – United States – Number Plate 131
Runner Up – Kawasaki KLX450R Graphics – Created by Body – Australia – Number Plate 44
Runner Up – WPB Race 140 Graphics – Created by Danny – United Kingdom – Number Plate 84
Runner Up – Yamaha YZ250 Graphics – Created by Bradley – Canada – Number Plate 32


“Metal Mulisha filled designed, with dirty KTM decal splats. Layering backgrounds on top of each really creates a superbly unique custom background”

Husqvarna/Husaberg Decals – 2nd by Woody in the US – 50% OFF – Middle Design

“Simple but creative use of layering shapes on top to create a unique look for this Husaberg / Husqvarna kit”

Gas Gas TXT PRO Racing 250 Graphics – 3rd by TBB in the UK-  25% OFF – Lower Design

“Check out this trials kit for a Gas Gas. Consistent design with a level look throughout “



w0607 shared design Top 3

YZ450F 2003 Graphics – 1st by Free Spirit, UK – Free Motocal Custom Graphics Kit – Number 12

“Simple use of colors that ties in beautiful with the rest of the bike. Fantastic set of Yz450F Decals.”

Yamaha YZ250F Decals 2014-2016 – 2nd by Butler, Australia – 50% OFF – Number 53

“We get alot of great Yamaha designs on Motocal, but this design out of Australia is very tight, and the shroud is awesome”

Husqvarna CR 250 (Vintage) Number Plates – 3rd by Jason, USA 25% OFF – Number 5J

“Very simple number plates for a vintage cr 250. But its almost the perfection of simple. At Motocal we love to see simple decals, that just look great. And above is one of those moments”




Honda CRF250R Graphics – 1st by Zach, US – Free Motocal Custom Graphics Kit

“Great use of logos, with a red/grey theme throughout. Tight and consistent design.”

shared design W02W03 01 2

Yamaha YZ125 Decals – 2nd by Michalski, US – 50% Off Motoal Custom Graphics Kit

“Strong defined Yamaha design implementing a large YZ logo throughout. Front number plate is very simple but looks top class”

shared design W02W03 01 4

Husqvarna SM 450 R 2008 – 3rd by KX Tom, UK – 25% Off Motocal Custom Graphics Kit

“Black and red streaks through this design have created a unique look while also using multiple Husky logos to really stamp this bike”

shared design W02W03 01 3



Honda CR250R 1991 Graphics – 1st by John, UK – Free Motocal Custom Graphics Kit

“Sometimes design is all about keeping it somple and clean and this design by John in Scotland does exactly that. That 1991 CR250R is going to look smashing”

shared design of week 1 w5301

Suzuki RM250 2001-2002 – 3rd by Fuzzy, USA – 25% Off Motocal Custom Graphics Kit

“Ain’t nothing fuzzy about these graphics. These RM250 decals using Suzuki yellow mixed with a RockStar them. Beautiful”

shared design of week 3 w5301




Santino (Mexico) – Free Custom Graphics Kit

shared design 1 wk 52

Jonathan (USA) – 50% Off Order

shared design 2nd wk 52

Julio (USA) – 25% Off Order

shared design 3rd wk 52




1st – Fernandes (United States) – Free Custom Graphics Kit

shared design wk 50 1

2nd – Pritchett (United States) – 50% Off Order

shared design wk 50 2

3rd – Jessica (United States) – 25% Off Order

shared design wk 50 3



1st Prize –  Jonas, Canada – Free Custom Graphics Kit

What Motocal thought of your design

“What can you say about this coordinated madness by Jonas from Canada. Loads of time was taken here to stack, layer and place Motocal shapes on top of one another to create these exciting backgrounds for this KTM 450 SX Quad! The contrasting colours and decisions to take perforated decals really shows this user’s decision making for the whole design process! Jonas also uploaded a graphic, and using the Motocal tools he was able to remove his background.”

What an awesome design

week 49 1st

2nd Prize – Jesse, Australia – 50% Off Order

What Motocal thought of your design

“Jesse has used the 60th Anniversary Edition YZ250F 2016 templates to create this race ready beauty. Such a commemorative looking design drawing from a vintage look. Great influence was taking from the vintage Yamaha collection, and Jesse has obviously decided to create his own dedication for the 60th anniversary kit!”

week 49 2nd

3rd Prize – Kyle, Canada – 25% Off Order

What Motocal thought of your design

“This CRF150F is straight out of Canada. Kyle designed these for Alysha using a preloaded custom design from Motocal but made it his own creation. The purple/turquoise combo really adds to the kit and provides a strong overall balance. This design shows you don’t need to start from a blank canvas to reach our top 3 designs!”

week 49 3rd



1st Prize –  Martin, US, Free Custom Graphics Kit

What Motocal thought of your design

‘Boom! A beautiful race ready kit for a RM-Z450 2007. Martin, from the USA, has uploaded a custom faded background graphic of blues, greens and yellows to create a striking consistent colour effect throughout the bike. On the side plates he has cleverly kept the Motocal ‘Motor Racing Decals’ text but has blended this into the yellow trim on his design. Colour choice simply awesome.’

Shsre Design Winners Week 48 1st

3rd Prize – Jackson, UK, 25% Off Order

What Motocal thought of your design

Well! What can you say about the art of filling such a large snowmobile canvas! (Arctic Cat Sno Pro 500!). The scale of this print is probably twice the size of the two bikes above. Jackson, based in Canada, has clearly thought-out his plan of action here. Using the Arctic Cats green and black colours, he has also added wide selection of logos and graphics (ensuring all logo variations are black & white) to give the Arctic cat a 100% consistent look. Every logo positioned perfectly!

Shsre Design Winners Week 48 3rd



1st Prize –  Peter, UK, Free Custom Graphics Kit

What Motocal thought of your design “Crisp and clean design with great asymmetric mudguards. An awesome set of decals referencing Yamaha’s design history”

shared design 47 1st

3rd Prize – Flyn, UK – 25% Off Order

What Motocal thought of your design “Metal Mulisha logos and a snow camo background, a great combo. There are lots of logos here but they’re all really well placed”

shared design 47 3rd

Winners (9th-15th November 2015)

(Designs between 9th – 15th November 2015) 

2nd Prize –  Blake, New Zealand – 50% Off Order

What Motocal thought of your design “Really good attention to detail, the design drops cleanly from the shroud to the airbox. Bold logo placement on the fork guards.”

Shared Design Week 4


3rd Prize – Calvin, United States – 25% Off Order

What Motocal thought of your design “Hectic and interesting. Theres a lot going on here and it draws you in for a closer look but still uses bold logos to stand out from afar.”

Shared Design Week 3



Designs from 2nd – 8th November 2015

1st Prize – Amy, UK – Free Custom Graphics Kit

What Motocal thought of your design “Classic colour choice, well chosen complimentary secondary colour. Cohesive and consistent style flowing from front to back. Even the Sponsor colours tie in”

Shared design of week 1st


2nd Prize –   Edwards, Australia – 50% Off Order

What Motocal thought of your design “Bold, crisp and clean, a simple design well executed. Works really well with the plastic shape, particularly the front mudguard”

Shared design of week 2nd

3rd Prize   Anthony, Australia – 25% Off Order

What Motocal thought of your design “strong contrasting colour choice, great use of the Motocal design”

Shared design of week 4 3rd





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