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2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

Motocal Process For Custom Decals

Motocal Process For Custom Decals

At Motocal, home of the web’s only 100% fully custom graphics application we have a very complex behind-the-scenes process for printing and getting you your custom graphics. In this post we have explained and simplified the process to give you an insight into what goes on at Motocal once you have fully designed your decals and clicked that “Order Now” button. Read on to learn more…

Ordering Your MX Graphics

Designing and Ordering
When you have finished designing your 100% custom graphic kits on perfect fitting templates, get ready to checkout and order. Once you click that “Order Now” button some pretty powerful software starts its engines.

At Motocal we begin the production process on your custom stickers as soon as you place your order. When the order is made, your stickers immediately go to print. This automatic printing software has been years in the making and the cutting edge technology leads to rapid printing. This has been wildly successful amongst users of the Motocal app as they have received their stickers and graphics quickly.

This software has the added bonus of conducting a Perfect Logo Service, here the software will automatically detect any imperfections, errors or defects in your uploaded sponsor logos and perfect them before going to print, making sure your custom MX templates and enduro graphics look immaculate for printing. Read more about this astonishing feature here.

So make sure your motocross graphics and race numbers are 100% ready to print before clicking that “Order Now” button and be ready to be amazed at the extremely high quality graphics you will receive whether it’s a Honda dirt bike graphics or Husqvarna enduro stickers we think your expectations will be exceeded!

Printing Your Custom Made Graphics


Motocal has years of printing experience and we only use the newest in printing machinery and materials for your race numbers, plates and stickers, we do not skimp on the latest and greatest printing technologies. Motocal uses the finest materials available for your custom motocross decals. We laminate your graphics in a choice of protective materials including thick, medium, and thin. The materials have been rigorously tried and tested in a variety of harsh environments, you are getting some seriously durable and tough protection when you order custom made graphics with Motocal.

Ordering Suzuki graphics? KTM plates? Honda number boards? Kawasaki decals? No matter your choice of manufacturer your printed decals will be coated in a tough layer of long lasting and UV-resistant layers.

Click to find out more about our superb material qualities:

Packaging Up Custom Motorsport Graphics

We at Motocal understand the value of your hard earned money so when we package your custom made decals be it motorbike, quad, kart, snowmobile, we do so with diligent care. All MX graphics, enduro decals and dirt bike stickers are placed carefully inside robust, durable, and damage resistant packages. Our packages have been tested against falls and mishandling to protect your MX plates, racenumbers or bike number plates when they’re in transit to you.

Not only do we provide sturdy protective packaging, we also protect the decals inside the package. The custom graphics are placed onto rigid backing to ensure they do not bend, crease or wrinkle. Protective wrapping covers the decals to add a layer of cover and to help keep the stickers from damage while in transit.

At Motocal we go the extra mile with multiple layers of protection to take care of your custom made decals, whether they be KTM decals or Kawasaki stickers, Motocal will protect your perfect fitting templates so they will reach you in the best condition possible. If you have an issue with the quality of your decals when they’ve arrived, please contact us at and we will help you out.

Shipping Your Custom Decals

MC Shipping

When it comes to shipping your custom designs, Motocal only uses trusted shipping partners to handle your precious Yamaha stickers or Suzuki graphics. Our couriers take great care with your decals to ensure they arrive safely and efficiently. Unlike other companies, Motocal ships worldwide: our deliveries so far have covered every corner of the globe! All delivery of your stickers is free once you go above our very small minimum order price. Not only that, any taxes and duties are included in the price you see on screen. There are no hidden charges or costs with Motocal’s custom decals, the price you see on screen is the price you pay. Simple.

Need your custom graphic kit in a hurry? Have a race upcoming where you need your motocross race numbers? We’ve got you covered with our Express shipping offer. We offer an extremely fast express 5 day shipping service for your motorsport decals. You can select express shipping in the checkout when you are placing your order. This costs more than free standard shipment but you will receive your 100% custom kit in a matter of days.

As usual, all orders made with Motocal come with tracking links, so you can keep tabs on your decal’s progress as it makes its way to you in time for race day. Click this link to find out more about our shipping.

Join The Motocal Process – Get Your Custom Stickers!

trustpilot 9.8 image

So there you have it, the entire Motocal process for getting your custom stickers ordered, printed, protected, packaged and shipped. We have spent a long time getting this process correct and this efficient system has created a lot of very happy repeat customers for Motocal. See for yourself the top class MX decals on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Not only have we received lots of photographs of some awesome bike stickers, but the praise for our custom graphics is sky-high. Check out the positive feedback on our Trustpilot page. If you’re in need or want brand new motorsport wraps or MX decals for your Honda, Kawaskai, KTM or whatever manufacturer, leave it to Motocal with our finely tuned process to print and ship you your custom graphics. If you need any help with your motorsport stickers or want to find out more, do not hesitate to get in touch with us on email at:

Have fun designing!

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