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2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

How Motocal Works

How Motocal Works

Take a look at our lesson on ‘how it works’ from start to finish on the Motocal website. In this video you will learn how to find and start your very own decal design. You will be brought through the discovery process to help us get to know you and you can select your motorsport, manufacturer, model and year. Then, you will continue to enter your name, nationality and race number (this will automatically be added into your kit).

You will then continue to learn how to add, remove and join decals. The video also shows how to change colours, sizes and rotations of graphics, text and images.

Finally, you will see how to save your design and purchase your custom decals from

In this tutorial Motocal has used a Yamaha YZ250 06-07, and selected a motocross rider in the United Kingdom competing in the ACU’s MX1 Class.

Below is a detailed time-stamped overview of each of the videos features

The video demonstrates how to:

00:01 – Find
00:08 – Starting a Design
00:10 – Pick Your Motorsport
00:12 – Select Your Manufacturer
00:17 – What’s your model?
00:19 – Choosing Year of Model
00:25 – Select Your Competition
00:37 – Enter Name, Nationality & Race Number
00:41 – Lets Build Your Kit
00:43 – Change Some Colours
01:05 – Remove Decals
01:17 – Change the Decal (adding perforations)
01:28 – Joining 2 Plates Together
01:50 – Image / Flag in the Background
02:01 – Send Image / Flag to Back
02:14 – Edit Front Number Plate
02:21 – Edit Colour
02:25 – Colour Update of Rest of Kit
02:32 – Increase Size of Text
02:36 – Change Size, Position & Rotation
03:01 – Saving design
03:09 – Ordering decals
03:12 – Adding shipping details
03:27 – Change material types and quantity
03:38 – Payment details

Motocal has created a fun and easy way to get your unique graphics for your motorsports machine.  Motocal is the only website in the world that gives all motorsport participants the ability to create and design their 100% unique custom decals.

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