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2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

Design Check Feature on Motocal

Design Check Feature on Motocal

Motocal’s Design Check – Ensuring Motorsport Graphics Perfection

At Motocal, home of the create-your-own 100% graphic kits for motorsport decals, we are quite meticulous software developers and MX enthusiasts. In order to ensure your custom decals look correct and ready to print, we offer a free design check on all your orders made, no matter if they are MX decals, enduro graphics, or quad stickers. Every order is given a complimentary check by our professional motorsports design team to make them 100% satisfactory and ready to apply to your dirt bike, ATV, kart or snowmobile.

Design Check

Below is just a handful of the dozens of steps we take to make sure your decals look perfect and remember, we never change your precious custom decals, we just fix any minor unintentional issues. Your designs are your own, we don’t want to interfere with them.

Fixing Obscured Logos in your Motorbike Templates

If logos are appearing on the edge of your motocross and enduro decals or partially visible on the MX plate we move these back to where they should be. We understand you can get caught up in the excitement of designing your custom decals and you may forget to double check the placement of your motocross graphics logos. We make sure these are put back on to the decal in safe order. Check the below where the Motocal logo is off the number plate slightly. Our design check looks for such obscured logos and fixes these, giving you that peace of mind your custom graphics for your Kawasaki or Honda are in safe hands.

Obscured 1Obscured 2

Alignment of Features For Your Custom Stickers

We check all your features on your MX stickers to make sure these are matching and aligned correctly to each other. If you have a design on one side of your MX plate decals for your Suzuki or KTM, we ensure these will correctly match each other from side to side. Below the two spike designs aren’t in perfect alignment. We fix these up and ensure the alignment is a perfect match.

Alignment of Features 1Alignment of Features 2
Mirroring Your Custom Decals

A crucial part of our design check is ensuring opposite sides of your motorsport decal kits are mirrored correctly. We have a feature to do this on Motocal but in our design check we ensure your motorsport graphics are expertly mirrored to their opposing sides, this will mean your Yamaha or Husqvarna shrouds, side plates, forks and swing arms will be in perfect symmetrical order. There’s no point making an amazing custom design if one side of your dirt bike doesn’t match the other! We will ensure both sides are equally matching all throughout your decal kit.

mirroring shrouds

Coverage On Your Dirt Bike Graphics

Sometimes when designing your custom MX graphics, the finer details can be forgotten such as extending your logos or patterns to cover the stickers. We make sure your logos and patterns are extended to the edges of the motorbike graphics to ensure a better coverage of your motocross decals. Below some spikes and block designs were not extended to the edge of the design.

As part of the Design Check we fully extend your MX plate decals features to ensure your design looks professional and race ready. You can see on this set of motocross race numbers that the shapes and spikes are all out of place on the plates, as part of our design check, we tidy the custom decal to ensure the plate is fully covered leave your MX and enduro racenumbers looking sharp and professional.

More Design Checks For Your Motorsport Graphics

When you’re getting your order design checked, don’t forget about our free Perfect Logo service, with this service we automatically adjust poor quality uploaded logos to make them 100% ready for perfect printing. It’s another great feature demonstrating the power of the sophisticated Motocal software.

Yet another free service we provide is complimentary mini decals with every full order made! Check them out here!

So, get designing on Motocal and place your order today knowing that you will have peace of mind as our dedicated design team pore over every dirt bike decal, kart graphic, and quad sticker and make sure your design looks professional and in perfect order for the track.

As always we are available at for a chat about your design or answer any queries about your order.

Happy designing,

Mike & The Team


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