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2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

Suzuki RM Graphics & Decals

Suzuki RM Decals: Graphics, Stickers & Wraps

Motocal allows you to design your full kits from a template, or a blank canvas. You can create number plates, graphics, wraps, decals, and full kits.

Suzuki RM Series

The RM letters standing for racing model, and the models with these letters are more suited to motocross competition. In 1975 the RM 125M first came into existence. Motorcycles within the RM series are still being manufactured however the famous RM125 was discontinued in America in late 2007. Due to less demand for 2-stroke machines then RM250 was also discontinued in 2009

Suzuki RM80 1986-1991 Number Plates

Suzuki RM80 1986 1991 4260418177

Suzuki RM125 1984-1988

Suzuki RM125 2004 2008 FIM Motocross 1636691308

Suzuki RM125 2004-2008

Suzuki RM250 2004 2008 MA Supercross SX2 4035308034

Suzuki RM250 2004-2008 Number Plates

Suzuki RM125 1984 1988 2001703372

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Graphics For Your Suzuki RM

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