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2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

Remove Old Decals

Remove Old Decals

We highly recommend giving your vehicle a good clean.  The cleaner your machine the better the results you’ll get in applying your decals.

We suggest that you strip your bike of your old decals that you no longer need (only do this for the decals you have just ordered – not the ones you want to remain on the vehicle)

The effort required when removing decals can differ depending on the quality of your old decals.   With a very good quality decals (like Motocal’s decals) you can simply heat the decal with a hair dryer (not too much) then start to peel it off slowly and continue to peel until the decal is completely removed from the surface of the vehicle.

Now the decals have been removed

Now that you have your decals removed you want to prepare the surface to ensure there is no film of dirt, grease, or any other barrier that may inhibit the decal from getting the proper adhesion to the vehicle surface.  Use a lint free cloth (a cloth that doesn’t give off any fabric from the cloth) and spray the machine surface.  You can leave this on for a minute or two to break down the film of dirt/grease.  Then wipe off to fully remove.  The clearer the surface the better your new decals will stick.

If fit with a poor quality decal and you have adhesive left on the surface of your machine you will need to either:

You will never have to do this with Motocal’s decals as our material is superior to most and we never use lower quality materials that will do this.

Now your machine is fully prepared for your new self-designed graphics kit that should be with you in a few days.


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