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2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

2024 - Motocal - The Home of Custom Graphics

Motocal Tips & Advice

Motocal Tips & Advice

Here are a few tips that can really help when making your design on Motocal.

Combining Decals

Combining decals in your design can help you to align your design across larger areas on your vehicle, check out the video below for more on this.

Alternative Decals

Did you know you can select alternative decals which can give you more or less coverage, this can really help to fine tune the fit of your decals.

Adding Images & Graphics To Your Design

You can add images or graphics to your design from the Motocal library or you can upload your own, this can really help to make your design unique.

Reusing Uploaded Graphics In your Design

To keep your design running smoothly and to make adding images even easier, you only need to upload your images once, you can then reuse them, the video will show you how.

Choosing Colors

Motocal offers a wide selection of colors to choose from, this will show you how to find them.

We hope this advice is helpful if you need more help with your design contact us here.

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